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Benefits of JesuitMBA


JesuitMBA schools have the most generous transfer agreement among AACSB-accredited schools. Could you be transferred to another city while in your MBA program?  Could you get married and need to move to another city?  Are there family issues that could warrant a move to another city?  Do you want to have geographic flexibility while receiving your MBA? 

Typically, transferring credits from one graduate school to another is difficult, if available at all.  Most schools will only accept six hours from another program, and that is completely up to the transfer school’s discretion.  JesuitMBA offers unparalleled flexibility to transfer credits. Through our Multi-lateral Agreement, if you transfer to another JesuitMBA school, most, if not all, of your credits go with you.  Depending on how far along you are in the program, you will either receive an MBA from your admitting school or your transfer school.

Participating students are required to meet the admission requirements of the school to which they wish to transfer. Contact your MBA director to investigate the options available to you, determine how your present curriculum works with the transfer school’s curriculum, and begin the process. 

Any support documents, such as the formal agreement, forms, etc.


Many of the JesuitMBA schools open their study abroad trips to students from other JesuitMBA schools.  This vastly increases your options for study abroad.  Study abroad trips are available in Asia, Europe, and South America, with new trips being created every semester.

Even if you work full time and never thought you could take a semester off for a study abroad semester, JesuitMBA schools have options for you.  Most of the options are ten-day or two-week trips that you can take using vacation time.

Contact your MBA director to learn more about these trips at your school and other JesuitMBA schools.

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Students from JesuitMBA schools may choose to complete a semester exchange through the Beijing International MBA (BiMBA).  The BiMBA is the result of educational cooperation by the consortium of JesuitMBAs. BiMBA is China’s highest ranked MBA program and part-time MBA program (Forbe’s).  And it was the first joint venture educational program in China recognized by the AACSB.

Most courses are taught in English, and international MBA books are employed.  Many of the courses are lead by faculty from the 28 JesuitMBA schools.  Degrees are conferred through Fordham University in New York. 

Students from any of the JesuitMBA schools may apply to BiMBA.  Semester terms run on a different schedule than many of the JesuitMBA schools; therefore it is important that you begin any plans to study at BiMBA early.  Contact your MBA director for more information or to start the process.  Also visit www.bimba.edu/cn to learn more about this unique educational experience.


Multinational corporations, emerging economies, and global competition contribute to exciting new challenges around the globe for MBA students. The JesuitMBA schools provide students with far-reaching opportunities to gain experience and connect with business leaders, government officials, and organizations. An MBA from a JesuitMBA school has cache.


JesuitMBA schools welcome alumni from other JesuitMBA schools.  Many of our Career Centers offer access to resources for current students and alumni from other JesuitMBA schools. Resources differ from school to school, but may include resume-writing support, career counseling, job lead generation, mock interviews, and networking events. Some of these resources are free; others are at an affordable price.  Contact your Career Center to find out if your school has a relationship with JesuitMBA schools in your area and how to gain access.