Today’s business world is many things; competitive, fast-paced, ever-changing. In this challenging environment, you have an advantage — a Jesuit MBA. What separates Jesuit MBA programs from the vast array of other MBA programs? Built on the rigorous academic tradition of the Jesuits, the 

Your Jesuit MBA Advantage

MBA you’re earning has been designed to develop strategic business leaders with a genuine sensitivity to the ethical, socially responsible and sustainable aspects of a global society. You seek the greater good in yourself, in others, in business, and for the world.

Your MBA is a globally recognized credential, distinguished by a Jesuit education.

Our network of institutions — consisting of 27 AACSB-accredited Jesuit and three additional Catholic institutions worldwide — is focused on helping you earn your MBA no matter the challenges that are placed in front of you. MBA graduates of Jesuit universities are highly sought after by corporations for their integrity, their commitment to high moral and ethical standards and their ability to perform. With institutions and alumni spread across the globe, the collective resources of the Jesuit MBA Network work for you and provide you with a unique competitive advantage in today’s business world.

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Jesuit MBA Network Benefits

Through the Jesuit MBA Transfer Agreement, the Jesuit Network offers the ultimate flexibility. In today’s global economy, relocations and transfers are commonplace. The Jesuit MBA Network allows for maximum flexibility so that you’re able to minimize stress and worry, and focus on what’s important — maintaining your career and completing your education.

  • Maximum Credit Transfer as a Transfer Student: While most schools only allow a few credits from other institutions to count towards degree requirements, within the Jesuit MBA Network all credits that are applicable to the curriculum and academic requirements of the receiving institution are awarded to accepted students.

  • Complete Your Coursework as a Visiting Student: Complete your degree at your original institution by enrolling in approved online or on campus courses at another in-network institution.

  • Study Abroad Opportunities: Leverage the worldwide Jesuit MBA Network to take advantage of study abroad opportunities in locations across the globe.

  • Shared Resources: Through the personal attention of administrators in the Jesuit MBA Network, you have access to a catalog of courses and opportunities unlike any other in higher education.

  • Powerful Alumni Connections: Earning a Jesuit MBA places you among the tens of thousands of Jesuit alumni in leadership positions worldwide.